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What is the current version available? 

After many months of work, we have a limited prototype application available for use. 

Current functions include:

  • user authorization

  • photo capture

  • long-format message writing

  • postcard viewing & pinning

  • scrapbook creation

When will the full version be available? 

Hopefully very soon! We are aiming to have an exciting variety of functions and designs that will elevate Therefrom into (hopefully) an incredibly creative platform of communication, travel and exploration. 

Is it available on both iOS and Android?

Yess! We are proud to announce that we support both operation systems. 

I have a question/issue/idea. How can we contact you? 

We greatly welcome all of them. Please email and someone will in touch with you right away. 

What is your privacy policy?

Privacy is incredibly important to us. Click here to view our detailed privacy policy. 

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