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Located on Spain’s east coast, the 2,000-year-old city boasts wide sandy beaches, striking architecture, a buzzing food scene and culture, without the crowds found in other large Spanish cities.

Background image by Joaquin Carfagna

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Impactful Wall Print

A beautiful wall print showcasing one of Valencia’s many iconic streets—a photo captured by the lens of local photographer Keith Mapeki.

When you acquire this print, you bring a piece of the city’s essence into your space and support the artist and the local community. 50% of profits go to Casa Caridad, a local charity, and a smaller percentage goes to the artist. It is an impactful contribution and collaboration between you and the local community.

See below for more details on the positive impact of this print.



Photo by Keith Mapeki

Congolese born aspiring designer based in Spain with a love for still memories, bright colors, and deep emotions.  You can find her work on Instagram and Unsplash.

Contributing to Casa Caridad

Casa Caridad is a non-profit organization in Valencia helping the homeless and underserved members of the community by providing them with shelter and other important resources. Find out more here


A visual journey of Valencia, as captured by photographer Joaquin Carfagna. He is an amateur photographer from Argentina living in Spain, capturing fleeting moments in time through the lens of his camera.


Auditory exploration of the city/region. Sounds, playlists, and other interesting content. (more to come)


A series of sounds from everyday life, spread across different places and neighborhoods in Valencia. Captured by Emili Joan and found on

Ambiance Inside of a Bar

Somewhere in El Cabanyal neighborhood

Ambiance in an orange field somewhere nearby

Plaza dels Furs

Pont dels Serrans

Orange field nearby: Field workers picking oranges

Inside of another bar somewhere in the city

Street sounds recorded from a balcony near the city center (old town), featuring mostly sounds of people and restaurants.



Eclectic mix of contemporary songs and artists from Valencia.

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