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Ciuadad de Mexico


Mexico City is a beautiful, diverse, and chaotic city which welcomes people from all over the world that come to live and experience our charm, food, people and many more activities and sites this incredible cosmopolite city has to offer. Tradition, culture, mysticism, and folklore represent our soul. Know for sure that a “chilango” (word invented in the 40s to speak with contempt of the people of the capital and that we now proudly adopt as a symbol of our identity) will always be there for you. Especially if it is to celebrate. 

Text by Azucena Pacheco; a Mexico City-based freelance journalist specializing in travel, culture and gastronomy.

Background image by Axel Garcia

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Impactful Wall Print

Two beautiful wall prints showcasing the vibrancy of Mexico City. One is a drone photo taken as the morning sun rises over the "Ángel de la Independencia" monument in the Paseo de la Reforma, captured by local drone photographer Alfonso Palmer. The other is a film photo of the same monument, captured from the street level by film photographer Miguel Hernández.

When you acquire this print, you bring a piece of the city's essence into your space and support the artist and the local community. 50% of profits go to Fundación Fraternidad sin Fronteras, a local charity, and a smaller percentage goes to the artist. It is an impactful contribution and collaboration between you and the local community.

See below for more details on the positive impact of this print.



Drone Photo by Alfonso Palmer

CDMX-based creative specializing in drone photography and videography. View his work on his Instagram & TikTok

Cathedral Photo by Miguel Hernández

Miguel has loved taking photos ever since he got his first camera when he was like 10 years old. He bring it with him everywhere he goes (digital or film), it’s his best partner in every trip. He also loves film photography, because it captures the exact same feeling of the moment. He is from Guadalajara, México, and he genuinly just really loves his country and his people. He's happy to live in a place where everything is colorful, real, honest and happy because it inspires him to capture it in a frame. Check out more of his work on his Instagram and Unsplash

Contributing to Fundación Fraternidad sin Fronteras

Fundación Fraternidad sin Fronteras is an institution in Mexico City offering shelter and dignified living conditions to people with intellectual disabilities who were abandoned. The purpose of the institution is to contribute to the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities by providing resources and ensuring their social & physical well being, so they develop their autonomy and feel valued by society. Find out more on their website


A visual journey of Mexico City, as expressed by local photographers. 

Explore more curated photos, and the photographers behind them, by checking our Unsplash collection of Mexico City. 


Auditory exploration of the city/region. Sounds, playlists, and other interesting content. (more to come)


Hola y bienvenido.

This is an audio/visual story exploring the sounds of Mexico City’s streets. Here, we explore this sonic code of Mexico City, composed of the calls issued from these merchants and workers that drift through the city’s neighborhoods — pushing rickety wheeled carts, riding modified bicycles and tricycles, and lugging heavy baskets on their heads and shoulders. Each of their sounds give another layer of meaning to the din of this beautiful metropolis.


Contemporary music from Mexico City based artists.

Influential Chicanos Made Playlists Using the Songs That Shaped Their Youth

More playlists with local songs and artists

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