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Jalisco, Mexico

Guadalajara, better known as La Perla Tapatía, is one of the most important cultural and artistic epicenters in Mexico. This megalopolis with provincial soul is endearing and complex in all its nuances as are its locals, referred to as “tapatíos”. Its a taste of authentic Mexican culture, and, of course, the best tequila you’ll ever have. This city will never cease to surprise locals nor visitors.

Written by Ximena Aranguren

Background image by Roman Lopez

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Impactful Wall Print

Two beautiful wall prints showcasing the vibrant colors of Guadalajara.

One is an aerial photo taken as the sun sets over one of the city's prominent neighborhoods, captured by local drone photographer Pablo A. Arias Cid. The other is a film photo taken from inside the Guadalajara Cathedral, captured by photographer Ricardo Loaiza.

When you acquire this print, you bring a piece of the city's essence into your space and support the artist and the local community. 50% of profits go to Fundación Hospitales Civiles de Guadalajara, a local charity, and a smaller percentage goes to the artist. It is an impactful contribution and collaboration between you and the local community.

See below for more details on the positive impact of this print.



Dusk Photo by Pablo A. Arias Cid

Documental, action and underwater photography and video producer, with a huge interest in culture, traditions and sports, complementing this passions with a love of being outdoors and capturing it on camera from land, aire and underwater. View more of his work here and on his Youtube channel

Cathedral Photo by Ricardo Loaiza

He is a photographer, videographer and 3d animator. Passionate about being able to share art and creativy with others, and other sharing it with the world. He loves what he does, and does what he loves. Check out more of his photos here

Contributing to Fundación Hospitales Civiles de Guadalajara

They provide financial support and other important resources to  low-income patients who are treated at the Guadalajara Civil Hospital. Find out more here


A visual journey of Guadalajara, as expressed by local photographers. 

Explore more curated photos, and the photographers behind them, by checking our Unsplash collection of GDL. 


Auditory exploration of the city/region. Sounds, playlists, and other interesting content. (more to come)



Sound of the Chivas fans in/near the stadium.

Ambiance inside Cafeteria Madoka, an old school popular cafe/restaurant near downtown.

Sound of the (almost) daily rainfalls during the wet season. Recorded from inside a house.

Tamales y elotes: Speaker sounds from a food truck



Playlist hecha con canciones de artistas y bandas de la ciudad de Gudalajara o ZMG. Unas canciones mas conocidas y comerciales que otras. Pequeña muestra de la gran variedad musical y cultural de Guadalajara

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