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Washington DC

District of Columbia, USA

"To know Washington is to peel back its suit: The briefcases and blazers the rest of the world sees are just covers for a vibrant, creative community. Whether it’s the food scene — one of the country’s best — or the murals tucked away in historic alleys, the city D.C. residents know is quirky — and inspiring." 

Text written by Austin Graff

Background image captured by Mignon Hemsley

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Impactful Wall Print

A beautiful wall print showcasing the Washington Monument located at the heart of the National Mall. Photo captured by the lens of talented local photographer, Mayer Tawfik. 

When you acquire this print, not only do you bring a piece of the city's essence into your space, but you also support the artist and the community.  50% of profits go to Street Sense Media, a local charity, and a smaller percentage goes to the artist. It is meant to be an impactful contribution and collaboration between you and the local community. 

See below for more details on the positive impact of this print.



Photo by Mayer Tawfik

Mayer is a student photographer currently at the College of William & Mary. Based in the DC Area, Mayer’s work encompasses many genres and art styles. Currently, Mayer is focusing on capturing student life on William & Mary’s campus and capturing the beauty of Williamsburg, VA. Mayer is available for hire in the mid-Atlantic and more of his work can be found here

Contributing to Street Sense Media

Street Sense Media produces journalism, film, theater, photography, audio, illustration, and more, all for the purpose of providing economic opportunity for and elevating the voices of people with lived experience of homelessness. Find out more here


A visual journey of DC, as captured by local photographer Mike McColpin

Explore more curated photos, and the photographers behind them, by checking our Unsplash collection of Washington DC.


Auditory exploration of the city/region. Sounds, playlists, and other interesting content. (more to come)


D.C. Music Map: Listen to a community soundtrack

D.C. is a musical city. It is the hometown of distinct scenes, powerful artists, and diverse music-loving communities. This map collects examples of how music animates our experiences. It marks the distinctive sounds of where we live. It documents how music moves us. It shows the ways music connects us to people, places, and moments.


Washington-born artist is carving out a niche area where “people can feel things without having to be judged for it”

Whats this? A playlist featuring only DC-based artists??

Andrew Grant Is Quietly Building a Haven for D.C.’s Music Scene at Eaton DC

‘A Rhythm That Crosses Borders’: Meet The Ten-Person Band Bringing The World Of Cumbia to D.C.

D.C. Jazz Lovers Find Their Groove In Offbeat Places

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